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Refund & Returns


Use our Templates, don’t misuse our goodwill. Avoiding misuse of our refund policy.

Due to the nature of digital products, it is particularly easy to misuse our generous refund policy. That is the reason we must have few limitations to our 14-day refund policy:

– To get a refund, you must have first tested the easy process of publishing our templates to social media.

1) After your purchase, follow the instructions attached to the pdf you downloaded.

2) Publish your template to your social media channel

If you still wish to have a refund after your publishment, we will be glad to approve your request.

– Suppose a customer has bought very many products in a single order and asks refund right after purchase. In that case, we consider that is behavior which differents too much our general customer and we suspect misusing our good will. We will review customers’ download log information in these cases and make refund decisions based on that.